tisdag 3 november 2015

Heartly outspoken

I am open,
heartly outspoken.

Taking the road

to greater consciousness

and amaze.

I am dancing grace,

through empty space.

Taking the leap

to higher frequency

and dimension.

I am contemplation,

expanding vibration.

Taking the step

to stripes and stars

and humbly  I bow.

I am now,

knowing how.

Taking the game

 to new levels

and worlds.

I am Word,

wanting to be heard.

Taking the fast way

to heroic places

and sound.

I am found

leaving ground.

Taking the jump

to overcome guilt

 and fear.

I am gear,

feeling closer to near.

Taking the route

to warm stillness

and bright.

I am might,

a shining light.

Taking the time

 across oceans

and sphere.

I am here,

so very clear.

Taking unconditional love

to another room

a new scene.

I am extreme,

seeing the unseen.

Taking you there

with me

so we can be free.

I am open,

heartly outspoken.

--- Didalarion

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